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Welcome To VöiD!
Thank you for your interest in VöiD!
For starters, my name is Namende, and I am the current guild master. I'm so glad you're here and reading this, and I want to start by saying thank you for expressing interest in us and visiting our site.

The way VöiD works:
We are what I like to call a "Member Oriented Guild". We are member managed and each member to us has individuality and is very important. We are fairly small compared to some guilds, but we refer to ourselves as "small but mighty." Our size allows us to have a very closeknit community where our members are readily accepted. This also breeds good teamwork skills that allow us to succeed in all aspects of gameplay. As with all things, this family environment can create issues with drama, but VöiD is full of mature members, willing to work to resolve issues instead of letting them fester. In an attempt to avoid most of these issues we implement sign ups for ALL open raids. Open raids are any raid where we don't need a set amount of gear to accomplish it. We are by no means a "Hardcore" raiding guild but we do raid 6 nights a week 8pm EST. We feel this allows our members to raid when their real-life schedules allow, without worrying about what they will be missing outside of game.

VöiD for all levels:

As of April 20th 2014, we are opening VöiD up to all levels to incorporate the newer players in the game and build a stronger player base overall. If you are interested in joining us for this branch of our guild, please specify this on your application to join. We do offer the 10% experience bonus and many of our long time players are constantly leveling alts, so you can expect to be able to find someone to play with.


As of of now, we have full cleared DP HM 8 man, we are 4/5 DF HM 8 man, 3/5 DF HM 16 man, and 1/5 DF NiM 8 man. We are currently focusing on NiM DF 8 man, and still trying to down Brontes in HM.
All of our ranks are determined by participation. You will enter the guild as a rage quitter but your rank will be moved at the next officers meeting depending on YOUR participation in guild. Se the ranks below.

Rage Quitter: New Member
Lord: Social Player (Less than 20 hours per week)
Darth Raider: (Greater than 20 Hours per week)
Handmaiden: Officer
Empress: GM

All officers are elected into their positions, and elections take place every 3 months. Every member ranking Lord or above is eligible for nomination to be placed on the ballot. All members, including rage quitters, are allowed to vote in these elections.

I hope this has informed you a little about VöiD and we hope that you decide to apply and join our ranks! If you want to find out more about us, feel free to contact us in-game. You can also visit us at
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