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(Nov 29, 2012)
Yay! 3/4 on EC HM again. Nice job guys -epic highfive- Kephess goes down later this week ^-^
(Nov 27, 2012)
Events are up. Let's please, please PLEASE stick with them.
(Nov 22, 2012)
8:00 Raid Times woo hoo
(Nov 19, 2012)
whoo wish we could do whats on event calenader hell ya!
(Nov 16, 2012)
WHOO! Dreadtooth down! Would post screenshot, but he despawned too fast
(Nov 11, 2012)
You guys are too awesome thanks for the runs tonight you all make me super happy to be here in VoiD thanks everyone!
(Nov 07, 2012)
Excellent job in EC HM tonight! I was extatic to see us down not only Toth and Zorn but the tanks as well! WHOOT!!
(Nov 05, 2012)
Dont forget 730 TFB HM tonight
(Nov 05, 2012)
Awesome runs tonight everyone it was a blast!
(Nov 04, 2012)
Hell yeah I want to run it, let's GO!!
(Nov 04, 2012)
What the hell noone wants to run NiM Pilgrim tonight?
(Nov 03, 2012)
I hit 50 and all you fucks log off...die!
(Nov 02, 2012)
Check out the TFB HM monday at 730!!!!
(Oct 23, 2012)
Welcome to our new members VoiD is glad to have you!