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(Apr 28, 2014)
naw, just bioware screwing up dp and not fixing, who wants to run df over and over anymore?
(Apr 28, 2014)
More signs of end of days for Void. Can't even get nuff for a clean up raid.
(Apr 28, 2014)
and for any folks that are all nostalgic or whathaveyou here is a little gem from friday night as well
(Apr 27, 2014)
I can craft the Dread forged Aim tank implant and the power surge cunning implant if people need them just get the mats together and let me know which one you want.
(Apr 25, 2014)
For those of you with any interest, here is a taste of what was going on during our leveling outing
(Apr 24, 2014)
That isn't what you said last night Nam
(Apr 24, 2014)
(Apr 24, 2014)
Make sure we remind Nam about the conversation in vent from tonight
(Apr 24, 2014)
I can now craft the cunning implant with power and surge for those that need/want it. Just need the mats to make em for you.
(Apr 23, 2014)
That Chief was pretty calm about it if you ask me
(Apr 23, 2014)
Holy shit if I had to deal with that I would be a lot more vocal and be cussing a whole hell of a lot more. I only listened to the first minute but that's nasty to even have to talk to people about.
(Apr 23, 2014)
I'm willing to bet you can find arv on YT as well(enter shameless plug here)
(Apr 23, 2014)
I found arv guys.
(Apr 23, 2014)
omg swtor got abridged!
(Apr 21, 2014)
Hope everyone had a good Non-Denominational Bunny Day!!
(Apr 17, 2014)
Yay! Screenshot contest!
(Apr 15, 2014)
NiM Nefra down last night! WHOO!
(Apr 13, 2014)
I will just leave this here
(Apr 11, 2014)
Jay slr take me under your business wing so I can stop suiciding...errr doing dailies. plox.